Happy Day After Father’s Day!

Now that we’ve acknowledged and celebrated both the moms and dads of the world, we’d like to send a very very special Happy Day After Father’s Day, to all the motherless and fatherless. The ones who may have lost one or both parents tragically too soon. Those who have been rejected by their parents because of their sexuality, career paths, or life choices.  And our friends who have parents who just aren’t parents, because they’re strung out on drugs or strung out on bad love.

We’d also like to say Happy Day After Father’s Day to those who have always wanted to be a mom/dad, but nature or circumstances had other plans for you. You’ll get there one day. Big long hugs to our friends who have lost a child or children.
Our hearts are with all of you, every year on this day. This is your special day. Sending you all lots of love and virtual hugs your way, may it warm your soul 🙂

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