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Jacob and Eric together 5 years, based in California

IrisMingle: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. So, start from the beginning. What’s your love story?

Jacob: It was not love at first sight… or 6th, haha.  We hated each other, for a very very long time. But honestly I don’t remember exactly why. I mean, I know why, but it had nothing to do with him. [turns to Eric] Why’d you hate me?

Eric: I mean, I just thought you were very cocky. Unnecessarily cocky.

Jacob: Mmmm, but cocky though?

Eric: Hahaha, stop! We have guests, don’t be a perv.

Jacob: I’m only pervy when it comes to you.

Eric: Oh my God. I’m so sorry, don’t mind him.

IrisMingle: It’s cute. We love seeing couples in love. So how did you two meet?

Jacob: He’s my ex’s ex-roommate. And when we were together then, I’d come over and Eric was, always there.

IrisMingle: So… you cheated on your boyfriend with Eric?

Jacob: NOOOOOOOOO, no no no! Like I said, we hated each other. I guess for me, having a boyfriend who had a smoking hot roommate, that was also gay, it made me insecure. So I hated him really because I thought he wanted my man. And also because my boyfriend didn’t want to live together, so it made me wonder if there was more to the story than what I was being told between them two. I think that’s a natural or common reaction though.

Eric: The truth is, nothing ever happened between us. I wasn’t interested in anything more than being roommates. And he wasn’t my type!

IrisMingle: If he was your type, do you think you’d have interest in him?

Eric: Hell no! I could never cheat or be the side piece. I have more respect for myself than to get down on that level. No, he wasn’t my type, but I also would never be with someone else’s man. I mean, I thought that he was cool, but that’s it. I have always known, that the person that’s meant for me, won’t need to be stolen, a secret, or a chase.
Besides, even if he was my type and I didn’t have so much respect for myself, I could never trust a relationship with someone who would cheat with me. That just means that they could cheat on me. And I don’t have time for that.

IrisMingle: Ok, so let’s fast forward to when you two fell in love. How did this re-connection happen?

Jacob: It was about 2 years later. I had already broken up with my ex, and went through a time of self reflecting. You know how when you break up with someone, you want to transform and look hella snatched just in case y’all bump into each other? Well yeah, that’s what I did. I got snatched, honey!
So, I went to a party for friend’s birthday, and this was the first time that I had really been out since the break up. I was ready to turn up! I’m living my best life twirlin’ and such, when all of a sudden, this guy [points at Eric] walks in the room.

IrisMingle: Ah, ok… so then it was love at 49th sight?

Jacob: NO!!! I was immediately overwhelmed with this rush of anger and had flashbacks of my ex, so I stormed out!

Eric: And when he says ‘stormed out’, he means stormed out! Hail, lightening, thunder, and twisters, child! He ran so fast!

Jacob: Chiiiiild, I stormed out so hard that I ended up tripping on my own damn shoe and broke my foot. I fell to the floor and everything! My foot immediately started to swell –

Eric: His foot went from a pancake to a hot air balloon, I thought he was gonna float away!

Jacob: N. E. ways… I couldn’t drive, because it was my right foot. Everyone at the party was too drunk to take me to ER, and since he just arrived, he was the only sober person there. He insisted on driving, and I had no choice.

Eric: I had to take him. His foot was huge… same size as his head! Hahaha. We get there, they get him all fixed up, and I take him home to get settled in bed. By then it was about 3am, so I just slept on his couch. In the morning, I heard him moaning –

Jacob: I was in PAIN!! Oh my God, it was the worst.

Eric: His pain meds were supposed to be taken with food, so I went in the kitchen to make him breakfast… and I was actually surprised and impressed that he had food in the fridge. I’m a big foodie and I love to cook, so that was cool to see.

Jacob: And he’s a great cook, it was the best breakfast I’d ever had. I gobbled it down, then he gave me my meds, and off he went to where ever he was going. As I was laying there in bed all day, I thought about him, but I didn’t want to. We didn’t really talk much the night before, it was awkward, but I still thought about him. As much as we couldn’t stand each other, he was there for me, and that touched me.
I picked up my phone twice to text him, but then backed out. By the 3rd time, as soon as I was about to tap send, I get a text from him asking how I was doing. We texted back and forth for a bit, and then he asks if I wanted him to come back over. I played hard to get –

Eric: Barely

Jacob: Well anyway, long story short, he came back over. That night we talked until the sun came up. I never knew how much we had in common, it was crazy! It felt comfortable. I told him things that I would never tell anyone.

Eric: Same for me. I just felt safe with him. I just wanted to stay by his side and be there for him.

Jacob: He nursed me back to health, basically. He stayed with me every night for the first 3 weeks until I could walk. I was finally able to go back to work part time, so I told him that he could be relieved of his duties, haha. The first night alone was terrible. I felt like a lost puppy.

Eric: It was hard for me too. I wanted to push through the night without talking, to see if I could do it, and I wanted to give him space. I didn’t want him to know that I wanted to be with him. You know, I had to look strong, haha. But… by 3am, I just couldn’t sleep, so I had to text him.

IrisMingle: What did the text say?

Eric: Something like, ‘I know it’s late, and I hope you’re sleeping, but I want you to know that I can’t sleep… because I’m thinking about you and I wish that I was there with you’.

IrisMingle: Awww, that’s a sweet text to wake up to in the morning.

Jacob: Yeah, but I couldn’t sleep either, so I was already awake and responded back.

IrisMingle: Whaaaaaat? So what was your response?

Jacob: ‘Come here’

They have been together ever since. After the birth of Jacob’s niece, they’ve had a lot of practice in the baby department, and plan on starting a family soon.
Congrats Jacob and Eric.
Love. Out. Proud.

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