Wildlings: Chapter 2

Meet Mom and Dad

Previously from chapter 1…
Dr. Ryan says, “…. Alex is a healthy baby, so that’s really great news. It’s just that your… son, is not umm… a boy, like we saw on the ultrasound.”
In almost, utter disappointment, maybe… “We have another girl?!?!” Dad asks.
With a puzzled face, unsure how to find the words, he hesitates, “It seems, that uhh, you have, a girl and a boy.”
“Twins? Twins?!?! There’s no way. Really?” Mom says, shocked but growingly excited. “I mean, we would have seen twins on the –“
“No” Dr. Campbell exclaims, “Alex is, a boy… and a girl. Alex has both male… and female parts, a penis and a vagina with ovaries. Alex is intersex”

*record scratch

“Uhh, McScuse me?” said… no one actually, but that’s what I would have said if I were there. Including mouthing the whole record scratch sound effects and everything, haha!! I get my sense of humor from my Dad, but even in this moment, he himself couldn’t find the words to speak, let alone crack a joke. It was crickets, the room was quiet for what seemed like an eternity.

The silence was broken by nurse Bell’s pager. Dad seemed even more confused then, being that he hasn’t seen a pager in ages. It gave his brain a quick break from the mind fuck he was experiencing, after hearing he now has a daughter-son.
Nurse Bell reads the pager message, unsure if she should speak, she awkwardly whispers, “They’re ready”, and exits the room.
“Ah, it’s time to meet Alex!”, Dr. Ryan says.
Mom flustered, “Whoa, wait, hold on… what do we do? You can’t just drop a bomb on us like that and not give us any information before they bring him… him? Is he a boy, is she a girl? What about mental development? Does… it… have special — “

Dr. Ryan chimes in, “Ok, alright, let’s all breathe for a minute. First, Alex is a healthy baby, so all development milestones should be met on time. We have no concerns about that. However, my colleagues and I have discussed what’s in the best interest for Alex, and we all agree that surgery to remove the penis is what should be the next step.”

Dad reiterates, “So again, you’re saying we have another girl?”
Mom gives Dad the coldest side eye, and forms her lips tight to mouth something that he couldn’t make out, but it was probably along the lines of, “If you don’t shut the fuck up” or something else that was probably super scary and intimidating.
Dr. Ryan answers, “For all intents and purposes, once the penis is removed, Alex can live a normal life as a girl. I will say “she“, will be monitored over the years to see if hormone treatment is necessary, but because she has ovaries, I’m certain that she won’t need it.”
“Well, what about the scar when it’s removed? Will she be like one of those kids who are… you know, confused? Thinking she’s a man… wanting to change her gender? You know, one of those trans people who needs their own bathroom?” Mom asks.

I know guys, as I’m narrating, it’s even hard for me to repeat it, but that’s what she said, folks.

“I can guarantee you, without a doubt, that you won’t have to experience any of that. And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think we should even tell her. She should just live her life knowing that she was born a girl”, Dr. Ryan says.

Dad takes over, “Ok…I’ve heard all that I needed to hear. I’m sold and convinced… that you’re out of your mind, Dr Ryan.” He turns to mom, “Honey, I have no words for you right now. I mean, are you really considering this? Really? Truthfully, I don’t care if I have a son or daughter, I just want a healthy baby… which is what Alex is. And Alex will decide who Alex is. None of us has the right to make that choice, so we’re not removing anything. I’m appalled!”

Yayyy, Dad!
You go boy!!

Mom is overwhelmed, “I need some fresh air, this is too much for me”
Dr. Ryan stands up, “You stay here Mrs. LoCher, I’ll go and let you two chat.” Right before exiting the room he adds, “This is what’s best for her”.

Mom stands up too and walks towards the door, but looks back at Dad and says, “A daughter with a dick? And you’re ok with that?” She stares at him for a moment, but he stood his ground and didn’t blink once. She scoffs and turns around to open the door, just then, Mrs. Bell had arrived with Alex in the doorway. Mom stops in her tracks, her heart is pounding a million miles a minute. Mom doesn’t move though, so Mrs. Bell steps in closer, and adjusts the blanket so that Mom could have a clear look at my face, “Mrs. LoCher, meet Alex”.

My eyes were wide open, staring at her, and she, wide eyed staring at me. 

Just then, Mom was experiencing a moment like The Grinch, when he heard the Who’s singing Christmas morning without gifts, and his heart grew 10 times bigger. She was rushed with the feeling of love.

Mrs. Bell hands me over to Mom, and she melted like butter.
“Hi Alex. You are just so cute, yes you are! We’ve been waiting a long time for you”, Mom gushes.
Dad walks over, “Hey little man. You’re already a daddy’s girl”.
Mom turns to Dad, “Both?”

“That’s what Alex is, babe” he says lovingly.

She exhales, “I love you. This will be a struggle for me, but you’re the perfect person to be by my side on this journey.” she hands me over to Dad, “This is your daddy, Alex. He has so much to teach you. And he’ll protect you from your crazy sisters!!”
She pauses for a moment as she gives me a good look over. “It’s funny, you don’t look anything like them. You’re your dad’s twin… which means you’re gonna be a heart breaker”. They laugh and take in the moment right before I got a little fussy.

Nurse Bell suggests, “I think it’s time for the first feeding. We should head to the Kierra’s recovery room so that I can prep the bottle for you.”
And off we go!
Nurse Bell knocks and opens the door, with Mom, Dad and I following behind her. “Kierra doll, are you up?” asks Nurse Bell.
She rolls over, “There’s my baby! I want to hold my son!”

To be continued...

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