Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is in full swing, and although our goal here at IrisMingle is to match you in long term relationships, there’s nothing wrong with having someone short term to keep you warm in the winter… as long as both parties communicate the terms. So here are some great tips on how to snag a warm body for those cooler months.

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Cuffing Season, a short term relationship that has the sole purpose of two people not being alone for the holiday season, starts in September.
This is when you want to start putting away your summer gear, and scatter some throw blankets throughout the house. Throw blankets are essential for optimal cuddling sessions with your person, so have them handy.
Put yourself out there… everywhere!
– Dating apps (all of them… ugh, yes, I know).
– Say YES to all invites to parties (you never know who you’ll meet)
– Go out to a bar or lounge alone, spark up a conversation with a stranger
– Join a book club, sports team, meetup group

You must be active in as many avenues as possible for the best results. And remember, this should be fun, so make it fun. Do it with a friend, and compare recruits. Make a bet to see who can secure a lock for the season.

By October, if you’re actively searching, you should have at least 2-3 possibles for a fun Halloween party. And if you plan it out right, you could probably go to a party with each of them. This is totally fine, don’t make it a big deal, as long as you’re communicating to them what your intentions are. Don’t forget to do this, it’s really important that both parties are in the know that the relationship will end in the spring. And if I’m completely honest, it’s also possible that you two could completely fall for each other and things could continue on long term.
Anyway, back to Halloween. Here’s how it’s done, simply ask each of them what parties they are planning on attending, dates, location, and time. Chances are, between 2-3 people, they will likely have completely different party dates. Go to all of them!! Have fun!
November, it’s time to narrow it down to your number one pick. This is the person you will likely spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with, so choose wisely.
I know this sounds like fantasy football, but like I said, it should be fun… so let’s just go with that vibe.
It’s totally ok to bring your person home for the holidays, or go home with them. Communication is a big factor in this, just tell your parents that you’re bringing a special friend, but that your relationship is short term, and you don’t want them to take it too seriously, or ask your person any questions that’s too deep for someone that’s only temporary.
This may seem like a mind blowing conversation to have with your parents, but we’re all adults. Put it out there, take off all of the pressure, and just have FUNNN!!
December, it’s officially holiday season time! Definitely exchange gifts. Who doesn’t love a gift? Although this is temporary, put some thought into what you’ll gift your person. Whether you buy it or make it, it’s the thought that counts.
Mistletoe anyone?
3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!!!
Jan, things go back to normal, but Feb is when we get ready for the grand finale… which is what they call, Valentines Day. The only thing I’d tweak, is not ending it that night (after you two had an amazing date planned), and instead wait until St. Patrick’s Day in March. Mostly because I just think Valentine’s Day is such an odd day to end what could be the most amazing night ever, and because it’s still cold in Feb! Hahaha!
All in all, it should be fun. Communicate. Be open. And if it turns into something more, that’s fine too. Just enjoy it and stay warm!!

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