About us

We are a group of certified life|dating|relationship coaches, accredited through the ICF program, and licensed therapists, who want to provide a safe space for you to heal and feel whole in this journey of life. Set goals, and reach them. Feel love. Exude confidence. Be successful.

Our coaching is relationship based and is our primary focus, as every aspect in your life is connected to a relationship. A working relationship with your boss or coworkers. The relationship between you and your parents, siblings, and/or children. Friends, or lack there of. And, of course, the relationship between you and your spouse or partner.

We have a hands on approach, which is catered to each client. Some sessions will be held in a quiet setting, while others could be held in a setting that would be conducive to getting you out of your comfort zone.

Coaching Packages

Schedule as you go

Schedule your sessions as often as you’d like.

* 1 follow up email
* one 10 minute call per week

Monthly scheduling

Secure 4 sessions in advance, schedule whenever you’d like. Get a 5th session free!

* Unlimited text / email
* one 30min call per week

In person sessions = 60 to 90 minutes

Metro Atlanta & San Fran – office, your home, cafe

Remote sessions = 30 to 60 minutes

50 states – phone, Skype, WhatsApp

7am to 11pm eastern

Please contact us for rates


Elite Club

Our elite, are the best of the best! These are the prince charmings, the unicorns, the ones, the too good to be trues.
All access to other daters, discounts to events, and unlimited dates.

*must qualify to join Elite Club

Premium Member

Our premium members are hand picked and approved by our expert matchmakers. These are individuals that are serious about finding love, and are great communicators, emotionally available for a relationship.

IrisMingle Daters

Join our database to become an IrisMingle dater. You’ll fill out a form to get your info in our system, and if one of our Elite or Premium members are interested in meeting you, we’ll get you set up for a date

All dates are scheduled according to availability.
We don’t force dates to meet a quota.
Our goal is to make sure we match you with the right fit,
not a good excuse.

Contact us for rates

LGBT dating coaching matchmaking
LGBT dating coaching matchmaking
LGBT dating coaching matchmaking