This agreement that you signed yesterday states that
– You understand that I’m a life coach, and not a therapist. I do not prescribe medication or give you a diagnosis. I’m here to help guide you with discovering the power that you already posses to make great life choices. Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern, or we’ve never been shown how to exercise these practices that would help us in our daily life. Some of us were even just born closed… and I want to assist in you opening up yourself, help you see that there isn’t just one path to take. Get unstuck.

– Each session is an hour and 15 minutes
– Sessions can be in person, phone call or video chat.
– Sessions will primarily be on the same day every week, but I’m flexible with scheduling if there is a conflict.

– Sessions $80 per visit, or $320 per month with a free 30 minute session to use however you want
– We accept PayPal, credit, debit, cash… all forms
– We only give 2 emergencies without penalties, anything after that, the fee cancellation will come out of your balance.
– If you’re late to an appt, you’re still welcome to come, we just can’t go over your time.

– Most importantly, all sessions are confidential. Everything that we say will stay between us.
– I do record audio, simply so that I can go back and listen in case there was something I missed, but if there’s ever a time that you want to share something with me very very personal that you don’t want recorded, let me know.